"Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors ..." -- U.S. Constitution
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In addition to 1,129 state legislative sponsors (shown above), 981 other legislators have cast recorded votes in favor of the National Popular Vote bill.
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Tom Golisano

Entrepreneur Tom Golisano Endorses National Popular Vote

Short Explanation
The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee a majority of the Electoral College to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The bill would reform the Electoral College so that the electoral vote in the Electoral College reflects the choice of the nation's voters for President of the United States.   more
11 Enactments
The National Popular Vote bill has been enacted into law in states possessing 165 electoral votes — 61% of the 270 electoral votes needed to activate the legislation.

  • Maryland - 10 votes
  • Massachusetts - 11
  • Washington - 12 votes
  • Vermont - 3 votes
  • Rhode Island - 4 votes
  • DC - 3 votes
  • Hawaii - 4 votes
  • New Jersey - 14 votes
  • Illinois - 20 votes
  • New York - 29 votes
  • California - 55 votes

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    John Anderson (R-I–IL)
    Birch Bayh (D–IN)
    John Buchanan (R–AL)
    Tom Campbell (R–CA)
    Tom Downey (D–NY)
    D. Durenberger (R–MN)
    Jake Garn (R–UT)
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    How should we elect the President?
    The candidate who gets the most votes in all 50 states.
    The current Electoral College system.

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    Conservative Party of New York Endorses National Popular Vote Bill


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    2013 Legislative Memo ...

    In Support of the National Popular Vote

    S. 3149 — Griffo (Cal #368)A. 4422-Dinowitz (On Comm Agenda)

    Purpose: An Act to amend the election law, in relation to enacting the agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote.

    Party Position: The Conservative Party re-examined this proposal and believes that this proposal is a positive step in having every vote count in the election of our President.

    This proposal is being considered by every state legislature in our Nation and would come into effect only when it has been enacted, in identical form, by enough States to elect a Presidentthat is, by states possessing a majority (270) of the 538 electoral votes. By using this formula, the Electoral College is protected and every citizen has the benefit of knowing his vote really does matter.

    The primary voters in the early primary states have driven our past elections and once a candidate has been nominated, each candidate concentrates on the "swing states" rarely going to a solid blue or red state other than to hold fundraisers.

    Because of state winner-take-all statutes (i.e., awarding all of a state's electoral votes to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in each separate state), four out of five states and four out of five Americans were systematically ignored in the general-election campaign for President in 2012.

    The reason that four out of five states are ignored is that presidential candidates have no incentive to visit, advertise in, organize in, poll in, or pay attention to the voters in states where they are comfortably ahead or hopelessly behind.

    New York deserves better. Voters in New York need to know that their vote will be meaningful and by passing the National Popular Vote proposal, we will know that we will no longer be treated solely as an ATM machine to give candidates money to use in other states. Our concerns will be heard and our votes will matter just as much as the coveted "swing states".

    The Conservative Party urges passage of the interstate agreement for a national popular vote compact.

    LM 2013-19

    pdf: Conservative Party of New York Endorses National Popular Vote Bill

    Reform the Electoral College so that the electoral vote reflects the nationwide popular vote for President